Waste Management
Waste Management

Waste Management

Refuse incineration facilities


Guanhui process cranes are used for the storage and blending of fuels and to serve furnace lines, which means that they make a major contribution towards the management of the rapidly growing amounts of refuse all over the world. The crane installations can be exactly tailored to meet each customer's needs:


as manually controlled cranes

for semi-automated processes

as fully automated installations operating 24/7.


For these applications, we supply our own warehouse management system developed in-house, which, besides control of the crane, also provides visualisation of the installation and automated measurement of the fill levels in the refuse bunker. Operators of these installations also employ Guanhui crane systems for the efficient removal of any ash and slag residue.


Facilities for refuse-derived fuels


Fully automated Guanhui process cranes play a key role in facilities for recycling refuse-derived fuels, such as plastics or sludge. They ensure that the material is stored and blended as required and also that the furnaces are continuously supplied.


Sorting and recycling


We also supply the technology needed in facilities that are used for recycling domestic and industrial refuse. Guanhui process cranes perform the handling operations between the individual process steps, such as automated cranes which store incoming refuse and feed it to shredders and composting boxes.