Upgrade & Modernization
Upgrades & Modernization

Upgrades & Modernization

Guanhui gives new life to your old crane equipment.


We save your capital and update your existing lifting equipment at the optimum cost. Our team of engineers provides experienced advice and solution to protect your investment.


Modernization benefits:



  • Safety


We put your equipment to comply with the latest requirements of the local and international regulations. Specific usage of a crane can require specific modifications that can be implemented after some time of operation. Replacing the worn-out components ensures safe operation for a longer period of time.



  • Cost savings


We save you time and means spent in new investments by using the reliable parts of your cranes and replacing only the needed. Your lifting equipment becomes up-to-date just in a short notice and at minimum cost. Modernization and customization make from your general purpose crane a crane for your specific individual needs optimizing the utilization of the structure. Modernization comes with warranty service without the expense of buying completely new equipment.



  • Efficiency


Modernization of lifting equipment optimizes the duty mode thus increasing the capacity of the lifting. Your inventory can meet increased production capabilities without replacing the complete equipment.


General improvements:


  • Faster speeds of lifting and travel
  • Up-to-date technologies for crane control
  • Warranty parts
  • Increased life-cycle
  • Higher safety level
  • Lower maintenance expenses
  • Lower energy consumption

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